Services offered and descriptions

As a Natural Health Educator I am here to serve you with all natural, non invasive assessments, suggestions, full protocols and healing modalities for both body and mind/mental/emotional health. Please See Service booking page for more details.

Services offered

  • Complete Root cause Nutritional and Wellness consults including all non invasive real time, in office results for your current health needs, addressing your concerns and what your body tells us is out of alignment, balance, weakened and what nutritional and mineral deficiencies may be apart of the challenges. Full individualized protocol will be created with you which will include nutritional changes, lifestyle change suggestions, herb, vitamin and mineral suggestions may be apart of your protocol. We will use non invasive testing, including zyto bio scan, to determine root cause of dis-ease or discomfort for you. $140 90 minute-two hour appt urinalysis in included, please bring first morning urine sample with you

  • DNA nutrigenomics, with your or 23andme DNA report, I will use the genes and gene codes within a program, to find genes with potential need for action in the area of cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, metabolism, glucose digestion, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and more through your personalized DNA. $180 when combined with Root cause appt, or $100 to read and interpret your report and email suggested actions.

  • Bodywork therapy- use of light, to deep tissue bodywork for tension, pain, headaches, self care, muscle repair, to feel good and ease chronic pain $65 for hour $90 for 90 minutes,

  • Allergy correction, please contact me for more information.

  • Craniosacral therapy is a light touch therapy enhancing the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) from the cranium to the tailbone. This is both a structural and emotional based therapy, good for spine and cervical pain and misalignment including hips, headaches, migraines, tmj pain, chronic pain, anxiety/fight or flight, hip misalignment, adhd, add, birthing challenges for the baby, seizures and dis ease related to the brain. $65 for hour $90 for 90 minutes, please ask for rate for children!

  • Light healing touch therapy- another light touch modality with hands places lightly along body to break up congestion, pain, emotional stagnancy, trauma, every living thing has an electromagnetic field around it, humans, animals, plants, its what holds all the atoms together to make us, and keeps the earths ozone layer in place. As electric beings along with the earth, this modality works on your electromagnetic field to promote healing and restore your body’s ability to heal itself. This therapy is great for pain, energy, to feel joy again, to release emotions or trauma, for unexplained pain and more. $65 BUT for one month of April will be $55 for use towards hours for school, April only then $65 an hour.

  • Iridology consults- one hour appt science based assessment looking at markers in the eyes to determine health and pre disposition to weakness in the body and what to do, includes full protocol what we can get to in one hour $85 (full root cause consult will also use iridology in appt and is more thorough, you may however only want information from your eyes that is up to you)

  • Somatic breathwork sessions- packages 90 min appts working on somatic or in body exercises and breathing tools for anxiety, post partum depression, panic, worry, trauma relief, and to find joy and peace. Great for young adults.

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