How I can help you and a little about me!

I am here to help.

I believe in the power of our bodies, our immune system, and our innate ability to heal. I believe food is medicine, and that God created so many natural medicine growing all around us.  

I believe we were designed to feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe our bodies give us messages when something is out of place.

I believe the body knows how to heal and what to do when we give it permission and empower ourselves. I believe the breath, food, movement, herbs, and daily practices are the keys to ultimate wellness.  I believe we are doing our best.

I believe we all have the strength and courage to move forward, we just don't always believe in ourselves and our power. By connecting to your body in deeper ways, you will begin to enhance self belief and self confidence. By using the felt sense, which is our bodies intuition, we connect with ourselves and can connect to others in deeper ways. We can connect to our emotions and physical body as a unit and begin to notice the shifts and the changes in feelings and sensations.

I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my health and wellness struggles. I am blessed to be here now healthy and well, to serve you! It all started with some major undiagnosed thyroid and adrenal challenges, meeting a naturopath and discovering Somatic healing and my breath to work through post partum depression and severe anxiety. I listened to my body that told me I can heal, told me not to give up, told me to keep trusting the natural process, to let go of the conditioning that the medical system knows best about me, to be guided to the natural healers that were placed in my life. I found health in changing my nutrition, what I ate and drank, changing my mind with meditation and breathwork and finding source my true guiding light, changing what I consumed mentally and emotionally, and trusting herbs, flowers and plant medicines along the way. Now I am here to serve you and get you on your way to VITALITY and WELLNESS and HEALTH!

What my services can do for you

If you have ever struggled with:

  • energy levels

  • low or no energy

  • cold hands/feet

  • weight

  • hormonal challenges

  • low libido

  • mood changes

  • rash, eczema, psoriasis or any skin challenges

  • depression/anxiety/ptsd/ocd

  • neuropathy

  • chronic pain

  • bloating/gas

  • digestion challenges

  • allergies

  • asthma

  • autoimmune dis-ease

  • and any feelings of dis-ease in the body…I am here to help you!

    By using non invasive tools to assess mineral, vitamin, nutrition deficiencies, Iridology (the study of the health through the eye/iris) to assess body systems and organs that need nourishing, and natural herbs/minerals/supplements, as well as emotional and spiritual solutions/suggestions, we as a TEAM create a plan, a individualized detailed plan just for you to start feeling better the moment you start working with me.

    We then check back in after you have been on your program and adjust or keep the program the same depending on your feelings, results and your wellness.

    We work together every step of the way!

Jules Kandah Carpenter

Compassionate, dedicated, confident, loving, caring and kind. I am here for you and your family.

The Maker.

Im Jules Kandah Carpenter and I love you!

Why do clients love to work with me?

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