CLEAN and High Quality Supplements and products I recommend

Well with Natures Sunshine Products!

You want to eat clean and organic, you want to pay attention to what you put in your body, and you also need to pay attention to what kind and what quality ingredients we consume for our vitamins, minerals and health products.

Many herbal companies fill their herbs with chemical fillers, heavy metal residue (gross), dirty herbs (I am serious) small amount of the actual herb is in the product, little to NO quality control testing (meaning they dont really know whats in your vitamin bottle, and if rats, bacteria, metals etc are present!), and the ingredients are sourced from China…

I decided to make a huge change and commit to using only Natures Sunshine products for myself and my family, because they are HONEST, they are the ONLY company that requires the herbs to be WASHED before manufactured (umm what?), they have the highest quality control methods with over 75 testing measures and can measure heavy metals down to a grain of sand in a football field! They are the only company that doesnt require you to have an appt to visit their manufacturing facilities or farms…because they have NOTHING to hide!

Also, they make incredible powerful blends to prevent you from buying multiple SINGLE herbs and put them all together for specific bodily systems or what you are working with…hello parasite cleanse kit woohoo! Their customer service is amazing as well.

This is the first supplement and herb company we use and I recommend, and if they are out, it can be because they refuse to use anything less than the best, so they will wait till another farmer grows the herbs with better results.

So check out my link to my favorite herbs and then use my code to sign up FREE and save 25% on all your favorite blends or singles or cleanse products, and one free monthly shipment a month with subscribe and thrive.

My favorites

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