Testimonials from clients!

These are just a few testimonials, both online and in person sessions are reviewed  here.

“i am so glad I am working with you and trying to proactively work through my issues” N.M

“I feel hope again Jules, thank you” Christy

“I feel heard when I work with Jules” Julie

"Jules is extraordinary, she has given me more relief over the last 3 months than any of the doctors I have seen in my life, thanks Jules!”- Maria J

“Jules made me feel so comfortable, and during my health and wellness consult that included iridology, I could start to understand some things going on in my body. She gave me naturopathic/natural health suggestions for remedies and so far so good!… She comes highly recommended! Thank you!” Teresa R

“Jules is so kind, and gentle spirited! She wants the best for each of us…and knows how to help us get there! I have done group, and personal breathwork and supplement and wellness consults as well as check ins! She is honest and sincers and has a wealth of k knowledge! I highly recommend her for your naturopathic needs!” -Lindsay Z

“My Breathwork session with Jules was so transformative and healing for my mind body and soul....I am forever grateful for the experience. I had so much stuck emotion that my body had been care surface and release during the session... felt so good and liberating to cry and let it all go. Jules held me in a very loving and supportive energy... I get so safe to open up to let my emotions to fully felt and experienced thru tears in this session. She helped guide it with words and subtle light touches that were just what I needed at the time. I look forward to doing another sound session with Jules and highly recommend her work. I can also say that I have attended an online class of her as well... she is the real deal. She truly cares about people and has a wonderful way of sharing information and helping you understand and make choices that best support your unique needs. She is a wonderful example for us all. Thanks Jules!” Aurora W.

​”From the moment I met Jules I knew she was my guide on my spiritual path. She is present in everything she does and holds such nourishing space. All my boundaries dissolve when I’m in practice with her which makes the healing work so powerful. Thank you Jules for your loving encouragement and warm acceptance of everyone.” Savannah M breathwork participant

“I have been working with Jules for about a month now...I feel like a completely different person then when I started. Jules made me feel at ease, she made me feel safe and she made me feel like I could be open and vulnerable" Melisse M online client

"I highly recommend working with Jules for breath work. I did a number of sessions with her, some were group but more with individual sessions. I also did a number of online sessions with her. I found Jules to be loving and supportive. She helped me process out some deep trauma and helped me access some higher states of consciousness. I felt comfortable sharing and releasing in the loving and open space Jules created." Richard C online and in person

​“Jules has helped me transform my life into one with purpose again. Her breathing techniques have allowed me to calm down easer in front of my kids and take moments for myself. One breathwork session with her truly changed my life! She is an amazing healer of emotional stress, trauma and PTSD." Alyssa F after 1:1 and group breath sessions

"Jules has a gift to everyone who is interested in healing and taking care of your mind, body, and spirit! She is a beautoful bright light and a definite gift to this realm" Tracie H after 1:1 session

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