Your way to wellness and vitality with Your Health Your Healing  

Feeling alive, mobile, energized, emotionally stable, functional, vital, important, confident, heard and held…are all things possible for each person and you are WORTHY of feeling better.

By working with me Jules Carpenter, of Your Health Your Healing in person or remote, you embark on a team journey to healing, health and wellness. I am with you every step of the way and we create a program for your Body, Mind, and Soul to thrive in this world.

Please check out some of the services I offer and feel free to reach out with any questions.

I’m Jules!

I am trained as a Natural Health Therapist, somatic breathwork facilitator, meditation coach, yoga teacher and am CURRENTLY studying to become a board certified Naturopathic Doctor. I specialize in all things wellness, starting from the inside out!

I offer:

  • Health, Wellness, and Nutritional consults to address your health and wellness concerns and find root cause; starting with measuring pH in body, full urinalysis, and using a plethora of non invasive assessment tools,

    • including a bio energetic scan testing for over 180 biomarkers, body systems, pathogens and more, as well as using natural based therapies/modalities.

      • A personalized program is created during your appointment, with foods, minerals/herbs and practices suggested based on what we identify and find.

        • Areas and concerns I address:

          • Hormonal, thyroid, adrenal health

          • Mental health/lack of joy

          • any area of dis-ease or concern

          • Gut challenges, inflammation

          • Fatigue or low energy

          • ADHD, autism support nutritionally and with minerals/herbs

          • pain, headaches

          • neuropathy

          • low libido/drive/stamina

          • And more! I am trained to assess with all natural non invasive assessment tools and am ready to develop a personalized program WITH you as a team

          • DNA testing results through and 23andme- report on deficiencies, metabolism, cardiovascular health and more.

  • Cleanse and detox programs and support (mold, parasites, weight management, environmental cleansing and more)

  • Iridology consults which study health weaknesses and predisposed weakness from studying the iris

  • Homeopathy and mineral assessments of deficiency of minerals and what minerals/remedies/homeopathic tools are right for you.

  • In person I offer bodywork therapy to release muscle tension, pain, stress relief, and more with use of essential oils, and Reflexology

  • Craniosacral therapy (tmj, headaches, spine misalignment, cervical pain, hip pain, scoliosis, adhd, restlessness, anxiety and more)

  • Light Healing Touch

  • Emotion Code release- release stagnant emotions, and trauma

  • Somatic Breathwork healing sessions remote or in person for mental health, anxiety, trauma healing and finding your purpose

  • If you are interested in Breathwork or anything related to wellness and health with me, please let me know, and we can discuss with your free phone consult.

Learn more about me and why I am here to help you!

Take the first step…

Your healing begins here.

Hello, and thank you for being here. Visiting this site is the first step in making LASTING changes to your life. It is time for us to take back our health, wellness and our life by committing to putting in the energy and taking time for ourselves to address our truths, traumas, stagnancy, root of challenges/dis-ease in the body or mind and begin our self healing journey one breath and moment at a time.

As a Natural Health Educator, and training Naturopathic doctor, I work with each client by looking at the whole person- their body, mind and spirit. It is important when wanting to heal and feel better, that the entirety of that person is addressed. Their fears, desires, resistance, their specific body type, blood type, metabolic type, their stress/anxiety, their beliefs and spiritual values, their emotional self and who they want to become and how they want to feel.

Mind Body Soul wellness

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